About Us


A Rugby Referees Society with world class referees.


To provide world class referees by:

  • Effective and competent management of the society.
  • Creating and maintaining a culture of enthusiasm, caring and devotion.
  • Maintaining open communication within and outside the society.
  • Providing excellent training, coaching and support to all members.
  • Providing excellent service to the Blue Bulls Rugby Union and the South African Rugby Football Union.


  1. Transparency

    Management, committees and members conduct business in such a way that all are aware and understand what is happening within the society.

  2. Loyalty

    All members are loyal and committed to the society.

  3. Integrity

    An attitude of sincerity and virtuosity within which all endeavour to be honest in word and deed.

  4. Professionalism

    A decision of commitment and dignity both on and off the field.

  5. Cooperation

    Willingness to cooperate and to sacrifice in the striving for the objectives of the society.

  6. Accessible

    Management, committees and members are approachable.

  7. Dignity

    Actions such that both individuals and the society are respected.